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Advice on Debenture and Interest Ltd.

Home Loan

With the Home Loan you can purchase your dream home. We offer you the most suitable Home Loan facility to suit your requirements. With so many lucrative benefits, the home you always wanted is no longer a dream.


  • We think about all applications equally, irrespective of any profession
  • We ensure a dedicated and supportive service both before and after the disbursement
  • We allow the loan within the lowest possible time, and also before starting construction of the building or purchase of the apartment
  • You have the choice to exercise either Fixed or Variable rate of interest
  • You can have early pre-payment option, either in part or full
  • You can enjoy competitive interest rate and lower fees

Availability of Home Loans:

  • For buying house, commercial space, approved housing plots.
  • For construction of residential, commercial space, building.
  • For renovation or extension of residential or commercial projects.


You will be eligible for our Home Loan facility if you are:

  • 25 years and above of age, but not more than 60 years
  • Earning on a regular basis from reliable source of employment or business

Factors which affects Loan Amount

Monthly net income, age, qualifications, value of property, monthly expense, other fixed obligations, nature of service or business, savings habits etc. are taken into consideration.

For residential purpose, 60% of the purchase price, including registration cost, or 70% of the construction cost of residential house can be offered as Home Loan.

For commercial purpose, 50% of the purchase price, including registration cost, can be offered as Home Loan.

Loan Term and Period

Residential Purpose

Category Maximum Terrm
Professional 25 years
Businessman 20 years
Service Holders 15 years

Commercial Purpose: Maximum 10 years for any profession

Repayment Mode

The whole facility has to be repaid through Equal Monthly Installments.


Mortgage of the property itself or any other equivalent security, as allowed by ADIN policy.

Interest Rate and other charges

We offer you a competitive interest rate with lower fees and charges. We set interest rates by taking into consideration a customer’s status, amount borrowed and repayment terms. Please cope with any of our branch offices for current rate and charges.

Property Insurance

Mortgaged asset should have fire insurance by any ADIN nominated insurance company.

How to Apply

Please submit the complete application form, along with the required documents, at your nearest ADIN branch office.