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Advice on Debenture and Interest Ltd.

Car Loan

Owning a car has become a basic requirement. It improves your quality of life. ADIN Car Loan facility is here to make it happen for you.


  • We offer this loan facility to purchase brand new cars or reconditioned cars

Time Period of loan

  • Maximum 7 years


  • Equal Monhtly Installments.


  • No Personal Guarantee required
  • Faster service
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Partial or full prepayment options
  • No hidden charges or fees

Eligibility to avail this Facility

Eligible Persons

  • Service-holders
  • Business persons
  • Professionals

Age of the Borrower(s)

  • Between 25 years to 60 years (Loan must be repaid on or before the age of 60)

Minimum Monthly Income

  • In case of Service-holders/Professionals, Rand will be 40,000
  • In case of Business persons, Rand will be 75,000

Minimum Work Experience

  • In case of Service-holders and Professionals, minimum 3 years working experience is required.
  • In case of business persons, minimum 5 years business experience is required.

Car Registration

Joint Registration of the vehicle under the names of both the borrower(s) and ADIN.


Only client(s) from areas in vicinity of IDLC’s branches or booths may approach for this facility, to ensure desired service

How to apply

Please submit the complete application form, along with the required documents, at your nearest ADIN branch office.